Rossella Migliaccio is an entrepreneur, author and image expert, the first to introduce Color Analysis in Italy, now more than ten years ago, creating her own method of analysis and related support tools.
He founded the Italian Image Institute, the first advanced training institute in Italy for image consultants and industry professionals. A unique reality on the European scene which, with over 14 training courses and an e-commerce of professional products it has designed, is a point of reference for the best Italian and international companies.

His first book, Armocromia (Vallardi, 2019) became an authentic publishing case which was followed by the best seller Forme (Vallardi, 2020). In November 2022, his third book, Colors (Vallardi), was released, a creative guide that brings together more than 250 colours, to consult and explore.
In 2021 it launched an innovative smartphone application Armocromia®, the first app on the market capable of applying the principles of image consultancy to online shopping through self-assessment tests and a personalized fashion and beauty offer based on the characteristics of the user.

After graduating from the Bocconi University in Milan and gaining experience in the world of advertising and fashion publishing, she obtained the international certification of Image Consultant in London. Former member of the Association of Image Consultants International, he has taught at institutions and academies including the Polytechnic University of Milan and the Sole24Ore Business School.
In 2022 he hosted his first television show Revolution – Discover your colors, broadcast on Discovery Real Time, a new format that guides the protagonists in the search for their own personal style with particular attention to sustainable fashion.
Today it collaborates with international luxury, fashion and beauty brands and is the point of reference for public figures, influencers and national newspapers. Already a TEDx speaker, she is a speaker in panels and seminars on topics related to image, female empowerment and inclusiveness.

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