Pantone Color Fall 2016

Pantone Color Fall 2016

Last week I talked about the wardrobe classics for Fall, while today I want to focus on the colors of the season.

Let’s find out what Pantone color Fall 2016 are, who wears them better and how to match them.


It’s more luminous than navy blue, but also very versatile and elegant: the perfect color for the next season. This color is easy to wear and looks good on any complexions. Red light for those with warm colors: chestnut brown hair like Jennifer Lopez would do better to replace it with a beautiful shade of teal color…



The translation doesn’t leave much doubt! This color is perfect for women with fair and delicate colors. Women with ice blonde hair like Sienna Miller or brunettes with ice grey-colored eyes like Bianca Balti will look beautiful wearing this color. Conversely brunettes with intense colors look better with stronger and brighter colors.


It’s a great classic, a neutral color to match almost with everything.  But beware: it works with cold colors, so it can be a good alternative to the brown range, if this doesn’t work with your complexion. Women with ice blonde hair is a passe-partout; brunettes with an olive complexion will need a little help (a red lipstick or a bright accessory will be enough).


The name perfectly evokes the vibrant and sunny orange accents of this color. It’s particularly loved among make-up artists; and how to say no to a nailpolish or a lipstick of this shade? It enhances the amber complexion of brunettes like Kate Middleton or women with coppery hair like Julia Roberts. If you have particularly cold and intense colors, choose instead a ruby red.




It’s more than a simple beige. The color Warm Taupe represents the warmth contained in its name. Try to mix it with other warm colors like hazelnut, cream and caramel colors. Brunettes like Cindy Crawford love any shades of brown, as well as red hair women; dark brunettes with cold and olive colors will prefer blue, black and grey.




It’s a delicate and impalpable color, and it enhances blonde women with low contrasting colors. However, it tende però a spegnere the complexion of dark brunette women: always match it to something with vivid and bright colors, such as a lipstick, a nailpolish or a scarf…




Green always leaves some doubts, but it depends by the shade! Emerald green, cold and bright, enhances particularly women with the typical Mediterranean olive complexion, like Cucinotta. If you have warm and amber colors, like Elisabetta Canalis, it’s better to choose an intense leaf green. If you have delicate and fair colors, prefer a light jade green.




Not everyone loves it, but yellow has positive psychological connotations: it represents curiosity, joy, fun, but also light, redemption and warmth. It doesn’t look on blonde women, but if you have warm and Mediterranean colors this yellow could be a great choice for Fall. If you are shy and reserved, use it only for accessories.




It’s the color of leather, and a must in the fall autumn. It’s a timeless shade and easy to match, and also an excellent base for the most vibrant and colorful outfits. It’s also a strategic color for accessories: bags, shoes, hats, boots. You’ll never worry about the combinations because it can be matched with any shade.




It’s a fuchsia with a purple hint, that enhances women with cold and olive colors, like Salma Hayek. If you belong to this color type, remember that the more intense the color will be, the better it will enhance you. But this color can be wore even by blondes. It looks the best on dark brunettes with light eyes like Katy Perry.



If you don’t know what Pantone color Fall 2016 to choose and you want to know if you have warm or cold colors, find it out with my infallible test.

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Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant