We spend our time searching for perfection outside of ourselves, always feeling
“not enough”.

And yet the secret to being and feeling special is within reach and we don’t know it.

Armochromia method

With the armochromy method you can identify your personal color palette, know the shades that enhance you and learn to let your charm and uniqueness shine.

  • Because red lipstick doesn’t look good on everyone
  • Rules and secrets for matching patterns
  • How to distinguish warm colors from cold colors
  • Closet full and nothing to wear
  • The colors that look good on everyone and other urban legends
  • Because black rules in wardrobes
  • Pink and other “feminine” colors

… and much more

Armocromia is not a simple manual of color combinations, but a unique book that will bring the color of happiness back into your life.

How many times do we feel dull, out of sorts, aware that there is a light inside us that we are unable to express?

We blame it on lack of sleep, stress or the wrong day, but we are not aware that the reason is another: the colors.

Like the tempera on the palette of a great painter, our skin also needs the right combinations to shine.

But how do you orient yourself? How to understand which colors are right for us?

There is a secret, it’s called armocromia and it’s the method created by Rossella Migliaccio to enhance our natural beauty.

Based on a scientific analysis of the skin composition expressed by our genetic heritage, color matching identifies our personal color palette.

In this book we will discover how to recognize the colors that are our friends and how to use them to choose clothes, accessories and make-up in order to enhance our uniqueness and enhance our charm.

But it’s not just a question of image: rediscovering colors pushes us to ask ourselves when and why we stopped using them, to review our history and, sometimes, to start a new one.

Knowing the secret language of colors and learning to make them friends can change our lives, making us safer, more beautiful and, consequently, happier.

Who is it aimed at?

This book is for everyone! For those who are passionate about Armocromia and want to satisfy their curiosity and for those who, despite already having knowledge of the subject, wish to delve deeper into it with anecdotes and example cases.