Casual Friday: style for man for Fridays in office

Casual Friday: style for man for Fridays in office

I have already talked about the Casual Friday time ago, with look ideas for women for Fridays in office. Today I would like to talk about the same advice for men.

Here is the Dress Code for man for the casual Friday:


If you can’t live without the tie and you prefer an elegant style even on Fridays, or you simply have a role that demands a certain standard, the broken suit is a good alternative to the formal suit. The combinations can be frightening, but using neutral colors you can’t go wrong.


The most interesting proposal for the casual Friday is the sweater underneath the jacket. It’s a versatile, comfortable and easy look to replicate. The classic leather lace-up shoe is replaced with more casual ones, even suede.


The jacket gives you a more serious and professional look, but for the casual Friday it’s often shelved. The alternative is the sweater. Worn with the shirt, the sweater maintains a more serious and professional image, but it goes well even without it.


In some areas it’s unthinkable, but in more informal workplaces the Dress Code is less rigid. On Friday jeans works well, as long as it’s dark and with a clean cut. You can also wear sneakers and comfortable shoes, as long as the overall look is serious and well organized.


The work week ends on Friday and it’s often a day of departure as well. If you arrive at work with bags or luggages, make sure they are consistent with your work look. Take care of details! Men have few accessories, so it’s important that they are of good quality.


Casual Friday yes, but in moderation and with common sense. Absolutely prohibited : sweatpants, sweatshirts and terry socks. Pay attention to grooming too! Red light for beards and hair out of control. Even on the casual Friday my Must NOT Have remain valid…

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Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant