Fashion jewelry 2018: all the trends of the summer

Fashion jewelry 2018: all the trends of the summer

Speaking of bijoux I have always been pretty minimal, but the 2018 jewelry fashion made me want to experiment: rings, necklaces, bracelets and so on and so forth.

In the true sense of the word.

Let’s discover together the trends of this summer and how to wear them with style.



If we had to choose a single representative piece of the 2018 jewelery fashion, we should certainly mention the shells: they are seen almost everywhere. And in fact for the sea they are really cute!



Another trend that is now seen everywhere is that of the evil eye (among other things, I have only recently discovered the real name of this symbol). I found one in an old drawer of memories: what luck, no?



Speaking of old memories: if you look in your mother’s jewelery box, you will certainly find something in coral. Take it immediately: it is a must have of fashion jewelry 2018. Ideal for those who have warm colors.



Just take a tour on Instagram to immediately understand that a trend this summer are the jewels with inscription: it can be a name, but also a celebrative writing such as the “Bride to Be” by Chiara Ferragni.



It is not an absolute novelty, but it is certainly very common in jewelry fashion 2018. The pendants with religious icons, from the cross to the saint, are used as charms along with other subjects.



If you only have two holes in your ears, you’ll want to make at least two more! This season’s trend features small earrings, usually in yellow gold, with mini pendants.



We were talking about minimal … This summer there are many necklaces, even overlapping! The effect is a bit chaotic, but not necessarily heavy, with thin collars in yellow gold. Beautiful on a total white look.



The same goes for the rings. The password is: many, even on all the fingers! Once again, the effect will never be excessive, just choose thin and ultra light rings.



The anklet is back from the 1990s! Between us, I did not miss it! But it’s not bad at the beach. To not “break” the leg, choose it thin and bring it low …



The fashion jewelry of 2018 wants the quantity, so exaggeration is a moment: many precious pieces, immediately make a Roman matrona-like effect; many fakes, they make the junk effect. The real secret lies in the mix …


What are the pieces you like most? And those that you can not really bring?

Rossella Migliaccio
Italian Image Institute