Casual Friday: outfit idea for Friday in office

Casual Friday: outfit idea for Friday in office

In almost all industries, we make an exception for the Dress Code on Fridays and adopt a more casual style. It’s an appreciated habit because it propels us toward the weekend, starting with the look.

The problem is that we remain stranded between the woman’s business suit and a gym outfit, with the constant doubt of not being adequate.

The rule to avoid this mistake is simple: take as a reference from the midweek style and deconstruct it. Piece by piece.

For example, you could replace a classic shirt with a blouse.
It’s comfortable and practical, but preserves a studied look, even on a pair of jeans.


Otherwise you can replace a jacket with a sweater:


Jeans are allowed, provided style doesn’t look too casual:
yes to dark, but no to ripped ones.

work-outfit-jeans-lunghi work-outfit-jeans-scuri work-outfit-jeans-corti

Accessories have the power to change imagery of an outfit.

Try replacing classic court shoes with more comfortable and fashionable shoes:


If your workplace allows it, (and I underline this), you can even prefer sneakers.

But, please, always with style: nothing to do with gym outfitt and gym shoes…


Green light to fabrics and special patterns: on Fridays you can be daring with details that wouldn’t be allowed during the week.
And if you are fans of total black, you can go for colors.


Of course, it depends on the industry and company you work for: there is a huge different between an investment bank and an advertising agency…
However the criterion is always the same and applies to all: start from the usual Dress Code and make it more casual, without straying too far.
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