How to choose bridal shoes?

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How to choose bridal shoes?

For brides this coming summer it’s already time to think about the outfit for the wedding.
Before talking about the dress, let’s focus on one of the most important accessories: bridal shoes.

As a bridal stylist, I suggest this small guide to choosing the right one:

Bridal shoes must be the same white as the dress or at least of the same undertone.
Let me explain better: if the dress is optical white, shoes will have a cool shade (chalk white, powder white or silver); if the dress is ivory, shoes will have a warm color (cream, beige or antique metal).

In general, not only for wedding, the most elegant shoes are the ones made of kid. The ones in suede are automatically excluded, more casual and informal.
I don’t suggest varnished shoes: they’re beautiful, but not appropriate for the wedding.
Jeweled sandals are wanted, however, I would leave them for the evening party and the change of the dress; less suitable for the church in the morning.

Open toe or closed toe shoes? It depends on the tone of the wedding, the season and the location. In general, if the ceremony is quite formal, choose a closed toe shoe: it’s the most classic and elegant choice. If the wedding is more informal or in a bucolic setting, a open toes shoe is perfect.
A good compromise are peep toe open shoes or Chanel style, now an evergreen.

According to the etiquette, bridal shoes have low heel. Fortunately, this rule doesn’t apply anymore and high heel is the  most followed choice.
Do not underestimate the height of the groom (not to surpass him); the comfort (the wedding day is long and exhausting); skills (better a few inches less, but at least with an elegant and natural poise).
A low platform can help. In any case, wedge is not included.

If we make an exception to etiquette for heels, I’m more conservative about stockings. An elegant bride has to wear them. Maybe veiled, maybe lace-top stockings, but she wears them anyway.
Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule. We can leave our legs naked for weddings at the beach or on a farm; for afterparty with jeweled sandals; for the month of August or extreme heat.

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