How to dress in style when it’s cold

How to dress in style when it’s cold


Temperatures have really come down and many people ask me: “How to dress in style when it’s cold?“.

Oh yes, because it is not easy to feel elegant when you are forced to bundle in quilts and scarves …

Here are a few ideas of winter outfits to survive the cold without looking like a Bigfoot:




The first difficulty is just at workplace, since we certainly cannot go there in pile sweaters

In general, we can replace shirts with the wool sweaters, wearing them even under the jacket if you are particularly sensitive to the cold.

The trick is to choose thin but ultra warm fabrics. Details and applications are an easy escamotage to give personality to the whole look.



In our free time we can also choose more hefty fabrics and loose fits.

Below we can wear lycra bodysuits or cotton tank tops (perfect the H & M ones) to avoid “drafts” …



If the loose fit do not value your body shape or you do not like it, you can tighten sweaters and cardigans at the waist with a belt.

It is a nice trick because it does not lose the silhouette and gives more style to the look.

In addition, the belt keeps warmer because it tightens sweaters, cardigans and scarves to the body.




As in summer, even in winter, a dress is the easiest item to wear: an entire outfit in one garment!

Those knitted tend to be more casual, especially if ribbed, but obviously depends on the fabric and the color.

They also have a certain slimming power because they lengthen the figure: try them long and in dark colors!




And here we are with the outwear! The warmer is definitely the duvet coat, but it is not always the best in terms of style …

Luckily we have very good alternatives for every occasion and for every style: fake fur for the most fashionable, the shearling coat for the most elegant, the parka for the most sporty …




Gloves are a warm accessory, but they can also be a very elegant detail.

Avoid those in coarse wool and prefer those in leather.

Long or short, smooth or decorated: the choice is yours!




Ditto for headgear: no more wool boring hats!

Replace them with the romantic beret or the elegant fedora.

I love headbands and turbans: perfect for the cold, because they can be wore indoors. My favorites? Those of Sine Modus.



How to dress in style when it’s cold? The boots are definitely a great compromise!

If it snows, you will need combat boots. Who said they must be masculine and ultra sporty?

Choose them with a rubber sole, but with a tapered shape and a middle heel. Or with a clean and feminine detail.


Now that you have some tips on how to dress in style when it’s cold, you just have to go shopping!

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Rossella Migliaccio
Italian Image Institute