How to turn a cheap garment into a chic one

How to turn a cheap garment into a chic one

On this blog I have always asserted that elegance is not a question of budget.

Today I want to do more: illustrate the little tricks to turn some cheap clothes (who has none in the closet ?!) in fantastic pieces (apparently) chic!



Do you remember your new Mango jacket? Maybe it is a beautiful model, but absolutely recognizable for that damn writing on the buttons … made in plastic!

Go to the haberdashery to stock up on beautiful buttons and in a few minutes your jacket will look like a Balmain garment!



It’s worth investing in beautiful buttons, not just to transform a piece of the wardrobe, but because you can of course recycle it from one garment to the other, when it has bored you.

Not to mention the fact that you can often use them as decorations on a sweater, bag or skirt.

You can find beautiful even in vintage markets!



A detail that immediately betrays the low quality of a garment are the contrasting stitching; not only they also make it more casual, but also less elegant in general.

If they are just decorative, untie them with scissors.

If instead they are closing seams, replace them with hidden seams.



I often buy dresses or jumpsuits online at very democratic prices, but first I trow away their belts: they are really low quality!

Simply, I replace them with a leather belt that I already have at home and that certainly solves the image of the whole outfit.

Often I use a belt even if not needed: only to enrich the dress, the jacket or what it is.




Many girls ask me how to use foulards in a non-traditional and boring way: a good solution is to use them as belts!

This little green dress was one of my favorites: I paid € 9.90 at Zara’s, I threw his belt and replaced it with a silk scarf. More than anyone asked me if it was a Gucci dress! Aahahahah!





In general, when it comes to allocating your budget, always focus on accessories! I’ll explain why:

A beautiful bag can raise the image of a mediocre dress.

A beautiful dress will never succeed in retraining cheap accessories. On the contrary, the whole thing appears cheap.



The real secret, therefore, lies in mixing beautiful things with more modest things.

If you do it by applying these little tricks, no one will suspect that you paid € 4.90 for that blouse from H & M.

And anyway, there’s nothing wrong with it: the ultimate goal is to be elegant, is not it?

Look at this picture of Olivia Palermo: some pieces are from Zara, but I do not tell you which … What does it matter ?!


Obviously all this does not have to be a secret, but a boast!

If you can create a beautiful combination and appear irresistibly chic even with cheap garments, this is the true demonstration that you are a tasteful person. For everything else there is Amex!


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