Pantone Spring Colors 2017

Pantone Spring Colors 2017

Days are getting longer and I’m an incurable optimist, and I already feel the spring in the air!

Then let’s discover the Pantone colors for Spring 2017 , who wears them better and how to match them …

Before we begin, may be profit taking the test to find out if you have warm or cold colors.



It’s a sunny color, which enhance women with warm colors: brunette like Jessica Alba or light skin like Vittoria Puccini.

You can match it with eggplant or teal color. Regarding accessories, for summer choose leather color.


It is an ethereal color, ideal for women with cold and delicate colors: a perfect example is Diane Kruger. Avoid it if you have a dark and amber complexion.

It’s practically a powder pink and goes well with pinkish brown and silver tones. I find it amazing with white.


Among the Pantone Color of Spring 2017 is perhaps the most difficult to wear! But it works if you have warm and intermediate colors: from dark blonde to auburn. Nicole Richie has even amber eyes!

You can combine it with other neutral color, spicy or roasted colors.



This color reminds of the sea of some paradise islands. It incredibly enhances light eyes: blue of course, but also green or gray. The look of Cameron Diaz is hypnotic!

Since we are talking about summer colors, the perfect match is with the red of sea creatures: from coral to lobster. It applies to accessories, but also for the lipstick.



It isn’t simply a Pantone color for spring 2017, it is the color of the year! It is a lime green, especially vibrant on chestnut-haired like Rachel Weisz. More difficult however, on pale or olive undertones.

Playing with complementary colors, the most effective combination is with plum. It’s also nice with yellow gold and orange Hermès.



It’s a strong and warm orange like a flame! The ideal color for the brunettes with amber undertone, like Eva Mendes. Misstep for women with cold and porcelain skin.

A strong combination is with indigo or turquoise. Or with all the warm and bright colors. Eevn for the Flame, the accessories will be in leather.



If you have cool colors and Flame is not for you, choose this shade of magenta! Wonderful on brunettes with light eyes, like Liv Tyler.

Use it for clothes, accessories, or for a nice raspberry lipstick. You can match it with the range of blues.



It’s a cool and dusty color, perfect for those who have icy and delicate colors. Like the blonde Gwyneth Paltrow, but also the brown-haired Bianca Balti.

For a more sophisticated look, match it with the taupe color; for a more lively style, match it instead with straw yellow.



Among the Pantone Color for spring 2017, the Kale is the best for red like Nicole Kidman. But it is very nice on all women in warm colors: chestnut amber, golden blonde and just red.

It is ideal with all the colors of the earth, from rust to brown. Not much with black.



If you have cool and olive colors, avoid greens and choose blues. This Lapis Blue is particularly vivid and it’s perfect for the Mediterranean women like Penelope Cruz.

It’s a great base to replace the black in summer. It is very nice with purplish red.


So these are the Pantone colors for Spring 2017: I can’t wait to wear mine!


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant