Style is not a matter of money

Lo stile non è questione di budget

Style is not a matter of money

Observing the look of celebrities, I often hear comments like: 
“Well, it’s easy to be elegant if you have an unlimited budget and fashion designers who give away clothes for free”.

Allow me to disagree. It is not easy at all.

Okay, having access to a very high budget allows us to choose between the most refined styles and to obtain higher quality (but even this is not always true).

However, there are certain things that money can’t buy: good taste in clothes; intuition in combining them; elegance in how you wear them. Is that not enough?

I will tell you more: if we really want to talk about money, I have noticed a certain paradox.
I have the impression that “fake rich” are too busy showing off brands and gaudiness. Instead, “real rich” don’t need to prove anything and get ideas from “high street” fashion naturally.

Not convinced yet? Take a look below: princesses and elegant icons of style with “democratic” clothes.


And we mere mortals, what lesson can we learn from them?

How to create your own unique style from mass market clothes?

The key word is mixing & matching!

This is my secret: I pick clothes from Zara or any flea market and “ennoble” them with details and the most precious accessories(a brooch, a bag, a jacket, …).  But I will tell more in the next post…