Style tips to meet the in-laws

Style tips to meet the in-laws

Last week I was interviewed by Radio Capital about how to dress up to meet the in-laws.

It all came from an interesting search for the first meeting with his parents, led by vente-privee, the world’s leading online sales-event.

Here are the results and my tips to make it a success:




Introduce yourself for what you really are, that is the girl their son fell in love with … Be yourself without forcing it (as 52.9% of the interviewees say) but with flexibility and ability to adapt.



Before meeting the in-laws, try to find out their style in advance: Are they old style or rather liberal? In the first case, choose something more classic. Otherwise, a more casual style (chosen from 76.50%) is fine, but never shaky.



I’m talking about skirts too short, necklines too deep and heels too high. Keep in mind that in addition to his mother, you will also meet his dad and maybe other male family members. You have to impress the relatives of him, but not in that way …



The elegance is always welcome, but do not show that you dressed up for the holidays! A simple family lunch is not an evening at the Scala. However, only 5.9% of respondents wore high heels and a very elegant dress.



In addition to investigating the style of clothing, we also try to understand the habits, hobbies, passions of the future in-laws. In this way, we will be able to prepare ourselves in advance on the topics of conversation and avoid embarrassing silence after the first half hour of conveniences.



In this regard, it is very important to inquire about the family’s religious and family habits to avoid embarrassment. Think about who is very religious or not at all, to those who have special dietary rules: by choice or by necessity …



In general, with people you just met it is always best to avoid taboo topics: sex, religion, and politics, because they easily harden souls and can undermine the foundations of new knowledge. Better to stay on lighter topics: travel, cooking, hobbies …



It is a good rule to introduce yourself with a small gift. The most traditional (and least risky) choice is flowers or a plant. However, even something to eat together, like a dessert or a good wine, is fine.


But vente-privee hasn’t only done the research! On the website there is the embarrassment of choosing among the discounted fashion brands: from Emporio Armani to Replay …

And I also found on sale the wine and gastronomy section and home and furnishings, for the gift for the mother-in-law!

Perfect, right? You just need now … to know the in-laws.


Rossella Migliaccio

Image Consultant

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