The looks of the Trump Family to Pope Francis

Famiglia Trump e Papa Francesco cover copertina

The looks of the Trump Family to Pope Francis

After the visit of the Family Trump to Pope Francis, once again people talked about their outifts.

Especially about the outfit of the women, as if our only role was to dress up, waiting for the rain of peoples judgments.

But. Here are my considerations:




If we want to judge the adherence to Dress Code rules, let’s admit it: Melania and Ivanka were impeccable.

Black dress, pearl necklace, skirt under the knee, closed-toe shoes. STOP, nothing to say: First Ladies when they visit the Pope must dress like this.

Then, if you like her or not, but that is another matter.



I know, it’s a rule. We are in 2017 and I think it’s an old tradition. But it is a tradition and the Trump ladies are perfectly matched.

Perhaps we should all respect this choice, as well as respect the veil of other religions.

We have to make a clear distinction: if we do not like the Vatican protocol, we can’t blame Melania and Ivanka (and all the First Ladies who have adapted to them before).



Among the “faults” attributed to the two, there would also be that the two seems  “coming out of an ad of Dolce and Gabbana”.

Of course they look like it: they are two models, visiting Italy and they’re actually dressed in Dolce and Gabbana.

If you do not like Dolce and Gabbana style, you can not blame Melania and Ivanka.



Too busy judging the women, no one has spent two words on the president’s look.

You can immediately notice his usual long tie and then the jacket left open: a button should be closed, at least in official photos.

And do we want to talk about the expression of Pope Francis and the meanings of the non-verbal? Okay, maybe another time …



In the end, we always judge the women’s style choices (often without knowing about the Dress Code that determined them).

But we should focus also on men. That is why since the President’s election, I chose not to judge the look of Melania Trump.



Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant