What to wear at an evening wedding

What to wear at an evening wedding

After the article dedicated to morning weddings, this time we talk about what to wear at an evening wedding.

The rules of dress code change substantially: so let’s see what works the best.



If pastel shades are better in the morning, COLORS INTENSIFY in the evening.

Black is still forbidden (as well as white and red), but we can replace it equally with DEEP COLORS: navy blue, petrol blue, burgundy, teal. Even golden yellow or delicate shades are interesting, if they are matched with light fabrics.

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As a rule, solid colors are more formal. However, this doesn’t exclude DELICATE patterns, especially if they’re matched with rich fabrics and precious embroideries.

FLOWERS works well too, but provided they are discreet. However, big floral patterns and strong color combinations are prohibited.

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Lace looks good in the morning, but also in the evening. But there is an important difference.

In the morning the lace is matched with lighter fabrics and it’s perfect for wedding at the beach and the countryside.

However, in the evening the lace is enriched with more sophisticated EMBROIDERIES and lighter FABRICS.

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What to wear at an evening wedding? Long of short dress?

AFTER 6PM ceremonies prefer long or cocktail dress.

If you choose a long dress, I would suggest a PEPLUM dress, inspired by the Greek goddesses. These kind of dresses were very popular in the 70s, so it might be a good idea for the vintage fans.

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When you don’t know what to wear at a morning or evening wedding, the easiest solution is always the cocktail dress.

Make sure the HEM MEETS THE KNEE; but I’m not talking about mini skirts.

For evening ceremonies, we’ll choose more intense COLORS and ACCESSORIES perfect for the evening.

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If you are unsure between long and short dress, the midi dress, that meets the calf, is a great solution.

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LEGS: if your calf isn’t lean, this skirt length doesn’t enhance you.

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As for the wedding in the  morning, we can safely wear pants even in the evening.

It’s important that SHAPE AND FABRIC are appropriate for the evening: palazzo pants, silk or in crêpe, are perfect.

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You should wear a shawl even in the evening, both for reasons of etiquette and because temperatures drop.

The classic shawl is always a bit boring: try with a BOLERO or a PASHMINA SHAWL to fold in your bag when you don’t need it.

If you want to cover your arms because they’re not your strong point, a strategic solution could be the LONG SLEEVES.

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What to wear at a evening wedding: the answer is that it’s not only a matter of what dress to choose. Because accessories can change the style and the image of the whole outfit.

The evening bag is definitely SMALLER: green light to clutch, minaudière and envelope clutches. No to big purses and bags for the daytime.

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Compared to the morning shoes, the evening shoes is made of METALLIC leathers and jewel details.

Another good solutions is NUDE color shoes, because they’re perfect with any outfits and they elongated the legs optically.

The HEEL is preferable, but if it’s not for you, flat shoes are great too, provided they’re elegant and evening shoes.

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For the evening, do NOT WEAR HATS.

On the other hand, we can wear IMPORTANT JEWEL.

But be careful to the quantity: choose few pieces without overdoing.


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant