What to wear in office in the summer

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What to wear in office in the summer

The hot weather begins to be felt, especially for those who stay in the city for work: but how to dress in the office in the summer?

Let’s find out some idea for the office outfit, to deal with style even the hottest days:




If we exclude the most formal environment, where a more rigid Dress Code is concerned, the office outfit in summer can definitely be colored with fresh colors. As long as cuts and fabrics are ok for the office and not on the beach!


Whether it is more or less formal, even for summer, the dress remains a must have for the office wardrobe: practical, fresh and elegant. Better than this…


Stripes are a great summer classic, and why not use them even at work ?! It’s good on a simple t-shirt or a more structured jacket: even the most boring outifit changes style right away!


And about great classics, how not to mention the total white in summer? In terms of elegance, it has nothing to envy to the outfits in blue or gray. Indeed, way more sophisticated!


A real must have is the white top: so neutral, it solves any doubt about styling: white t-shirt of H&M or the most precious silk t-shirt. I could not live without it!


And then there it is: the white shirt! Cotton, silk, with a skirt, with pants … You have to have at least one in the closet, for important meetings, but for all other occasions!


Of course, for the office outfit we exclude the tropical flower shirt, but green light to the most delicate colors and patterns. Beautiful with three quarter sleeves or twisted.


Among the tops for the office, I love the one with a bow: they are so cute, they basically dress themselves, becoming the real protagonist of the outfit (even of the simplest).


Among these, it seems to be particularly successful the one with the long-edge bow. Besides being cute, it’s also very smart because it also elongate the body: not bad, I would say!

BE CAREFUL! Don’t forget to always carry a jacket or cardigan, which will protect us from the most aggressive air conditioning and important on more formal meetings. The ideal would be to leave a neutral one in the office for emergencies.

For other office outfit ideas in summer (and more) visit my board Best Work outfit on Pinterest.

At this point, how to dress in the office in summer shouldn’t be a problem any more … The real problem remains the hot weather! And about that, unfortunately, I don’t know how to help you ?



Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant