Animalier: the definitive guide

Animalier: the definitive guide

The animal prints are a great trend of the season, but the truth is that they are now an evergreen since ever: in vogue since the ’30s and rediscovered in the ‘ 70s, we find them regularly in every collection.

Here is a complete guide to choose, wear and match all the variants:



First of all, we catalog the main prints that reproduce spots of felines and other exotic animals or the skin of reptiles.

They can have different sizes and be declined in different shades.

Below, in order: giraffe, leopard, tiger, spotted, zebra, python.



If your choice falls on a top or a blouse, remember that the attention will fall on the upper part of the body. Good to know if you have a big breast or, vice versa, you want to give volume to the bust.

You can combine it with jeans or leather garments for a more gritty look; or a classic skirt for a cleaner effect.

Yes to scarves and necklaces, but only ton sur ton.



Maybe it’s the easiest item to wear: it all depends on the cut of the skirt.

The long and / or wide models are all in all casual, so they combine very well with a simple tank top or an over sweater. The pencil skirt remains absolutely ladylike with a clean-cut top.

To make the overall look more modern, a leather jacket will work great.



This time the focal point will fall on the lower part of the figure: think about it, before choosing a tight-fitting pant. It could be very sexy or, conversely, a naive own goal.

Surely the larger models are easier to carry and enhance more (especially if high-waisted).

A blazer or a white shirt makes anything elegant. But the idea of using earth colors to create a more exotic look is also nice.



I know that at the mere thought there was a shiver down your back, but the total look animal is not necessarily aggressive!

Just play it down with flat shoes, ankle boots, more casual accessories or simply a leather jacket.

In order not to overdo it, pay attention to the beauty look: natural hair and little make-up will avoid the risk of vulgarity.


Here’s something lovely for next fall!

A trench coat or an animalier coat can give personality even to the simplest outfit. Here too, pay attention to the beauty look!

You can wear it during the day, but also in the evening; with pants, but also with the skirt.



For the colder months, an (eco) furcoat is the right solution to stay warm, but with style.

The model will be short, medium or long depending on your height, directly proportional.

For the rest, as for the coat, it is quite versatile. I find the one with three-quarter sleeves lovely.



If you want to dare with animal prints, but you do not feel like taking the big step with your clothes, you can very well start with a bag.

You find small, medium and large to use then from morning to night.

For advice on how to choose the bag, I refer you to another my post.



Shoes are even less demanding than the bag. I recommend, do not ever match them!

Moccasins, ankle boots, décolleté or ballerinas: the choice is yours!

They work on a basic look, but also on the most fashionist one: it depends on the effect you want to create.



Obviously the world of animal prints is endless: from scarves to hats, through turbans.

Try not to create too much chromatic confusion and to keep in mind lines and details.

The cleaner the base, the easier it is to enhance the detail.




Match it like any other patterns: I had already talked about it in my guide How to match colors.

The classic beige and black spotted will look great on a camel coat, but even better on black.

In general, use warm colors on prints with a warm base; vice versa, with the cool ones.

For sure, I would avoid combining different


And what is your relationship with the spotted and the other jungle-inspired prints?

I’m not a big fan, but maybe this fall I’ll take a little thought;)



Rossella Migliaccio
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