New Year: tell me where you are going and I’ll tell you how to dress

New Year: tell me where you are going and I’ll tell you how to dress

After Christmas, the next important date is New Year.

Here is some advice for the evening looks, depending on where you are going to celebrate:



Many wait for midnight at friends house, and stay there all night with toast and board games. If you are among these, the look will be elegant, but not too much: choose a beautiful silk top or a masculine suit, avoiding high heels or micro dresses in lamé.

However, if your friends are organizing something more formal, then the dress will be more suitable. The midi length is particularly sophisticated, black and not only. If the dress has transparencies, get a short jacket to match.


Others, however, are celebrating the arrival of New Year at the restaurant. Well, whatever the local is, the cocktail dress is definitely the right choice! Choose wraparound lines, the magic of velvet or a seductive neckline on the back.

The New Year dinner is often accompanied by very important receptions. If the event is really formal (and I underline “if”), then you can show off a long dress. Complete the look with a small clutch and a fur cape.


For many, the real New Year is at the club. What better time then to wear a short dress in sequins or lace? A delicious alternative is called playsuit (the short jumpsuit), perhaps with gold details like this:

But the really impressive look for the club is in the suit. What to say? It makes the body slimmer and it’s perfect for the evening, not to mention that it is also sexy and ultra-feminine!


The evening can also be a mix of different occasions: for example, it could include restaurant and club. Then what to do? In this case, I suggest you to focus on the top, more versatile for dinner and dancing.

A strategic piece (as always for that matter) is the jacket: it allows you to dare a bolder look for the evening, because it covers any necklines and transparency, but will remain sober during the dinner.


Of course, the New Year’s Eve is ideal for metallic fabrics and dresses in lamé. But be careful not to choose randomly between gold and silver: read my post about it to find out which one enhances your complexion.

You’ve probably already seen it, however, red for New Year is never trivial. It’s a color that you love or hate it, certainly it’s not a shade for shy girls …

And finally the white. Mistakenly, we think it’s a summer color. Instead there is nothing more sophisticated than white in winter! Other outfit ideas in my post on the total white in winter.

Wherever you will spend New Year’s Eve, my best wishes to all of you who follow me and also to newcomers on my blog: you are so many, thank you very much.

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant