The marriage of Harry and Meghan: the look of the protagonists

The marriage of Harry and Meghan: the look of the protagonists

We have long awaited the marriage of Harry and Meghan.

I loved this couple right away: simple, spontaneous and … madly in love!

In short, I could not wait! Here is my comment on the look of the main protagonists:




The dress is classic and very simple: to be honest, I expected a little more, but I understand the rigorous choice.

The long veil was beautiful, which reminded me of that of Lady D. And who knows, maybe it was just a tribute to the mother-in-law.

As well as the bouquet, which also included the forget-me-not: the favorite flower of Princess Diana.


The beauty look is enchanting and also the low chignon complemented by a tiara, as per tradition.



Harry wears the uniform, as expected by the protocol, but above all he wears a smile and a look that speak for themselves.

It’s nice to see him so in love. And what a thrill when he welcomes his bride with a “You look amazing, I am so lucky”.

Let us remember that the cadet son of Charles and Diana asked the hand of Meghan after a few months of knowledge, challenging rules, traditions and resistance.




Kate Middleton  opted for a less interesting look, with an ivory little coat and matching shoes.

Moreover, this is the fourth time she wear it in a public appearance: re-using it in this occasions seems a little unrespectful to me, not to say tacky.

Anyway, the Duchess of Cambridge could have done better!



There is nothing to do: the most beautiful of the kingdom have Lady Diana’s DNA.

In particular Kitty Spencer, model and testimonial for Dolce and Gabbana: she’s really like a doll!




One who has attracted attention is David Beckham, more and more charming, in tight.

His wife Victoria was less stunning, in a rather dark dress for this occasion.



This time was the wife to be decidedly noticed.

The color of the dress is a bit warm compared to the lunar complexion of Amal, but her look is really nice and immediately went around the Net.

George comes out a little bit eclipsed, a little too gray because of the dress in pendant with his beard and hair: a deeper color would have suited better.




And since the yellow was the most popular at the Royal Wedding, the actress Carey Mulligan‘s outfit seems particularly apt!

Just like the Sofia Wellesley‘one, here with her husbad James Blunt, a great Harry’s friend.



I also liked the look of Meghan’s (now former) colleagues from the Suits series. A series that I remember for the amazing clothes.

Starting with Jacinda Barrett

… Sarah Rafferty

… and Gina Torres!

And then they say that Americans do not know how to dress! Crazy stuff!



Charlotte and her little brother George were also part of the parade: a ceremonial dress and a little flower crown for her, a funny black uniform for him …


These are the first comments: surely the most beautiful thing I saw in this Royal Wedding was the excited and enamored look of these two.

They seem to say: “Who cares about these mummies that surround us and all the rules we have to keep in. At this moment we exist only you and me”.

Beautiful, spontaneous, excited. Far from the dusty titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

We are only at the beginning of the story: in my opinion, today a star is born at the Palace!



Rossella Migliaccio
Italian Image Institute