How to pick the right sunglasses

How to pick the right sunglasses

Sunglasses are definitely the summer must have accessory: they protect us from the sun rays and also from our beach look, often fresh-faced.

They can add style and personality even to the most banal outfit, but above all they can balance our lineaments and emphasize our facial features.

And it’s not a minor matter, as long as some online shopping sites, first of all Zalando, have real guides to help you choosing the best sunglasses according to your face shape.

From Zalando to Vestiaire Collective, and LuisaviaRoma there is no embarrassment of riches. On these well-known and eustrived e-shop finding the most suitable sunglass model according to the conformation of your face is a piece of cake.

Here are my tips and your reference celebrity:




It is the most regular face shape, with classic proportions, and therefore it is the easiest to enhance with different style sunglasses. Just pay attention to the dimensions: on a big face goes a bigger frame; On a delicate face go more simple and linear glasses.

But it’s not just a matter of proportions! Also note the detail of the face and work on a scale: heart lips or pronounced cheekbones will require a more embossed frame; a bigger nose will prefer larger glasses …


Clockwise: Meghan Fox; Monica Bellucci; Charlize Theron; Anne Hathaway



It has a thin and elongated shape: the cheeks are rather lean and the cheekbones are slightly rounded. The oval shape then develops in length.

The ideal glasses will be large and tall, to fill your face vertically. Absolutely avoid the slim and bursting masks. Perfect for all rounded shapes and the most embellished frames, which will give softness to this typically long and sharp face.


Clockwise: Liv Tyler; Gisele Bundchen; Sarah Jessica Parker; Meryl Streep



It has a rather square shape, especially for the sharp and well-defined jawbone that makes this facial shape immediately recognizable.

The sunglasses that best value this type of face are the cat-eye ones, because they balance the lower part of the oval, creating a pleasant harmony. In general, all broad and rounded shapes are a good option. The frames shapes to avoid instead, are those too geometric.


Clockwise: Angelina Jolie; Gwyneth Paltrow; Keira Knightley; Diane Kruger



It is a fairly short face, with a soft outline, thanks to the typically rounded cheeks.

It is essential that for the sunglasses not being too high: if they extend too much vertically, they may make the face even shorten. Perfect choices are the Ray Ban Wayfarer (a great classic) and, in general, all the slim and not too rotund frames.


Kirsten Dunst



Temples and cheekbones are rather aligned, while the lower part of the face tends to be leaner: the cheeks are thin and the chin can be pointed.

How to choose sunglasses for this face shape? Choose big sunglasses: you can even hazard and wear bizarre and oversize frames, but always with a rounded shape.


Clockwise: Reese Witherspoon; Victoria Beckham; Reese Witherspoon; Victoria Beckham


Well, now that you know how to choose sunglasses, you just have to buy a couple (or more) and leave for the holidays!

Enjoy your summer everybody! ?

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant