The magical power of lists

Liste per organizzarsi copertina

The magical power of lists

Maybe it’s a simple habit (for me it’s a mania) but using lists can really make life easier and help you manage your time better.

Here are some examples of smart lists that you should always keep on your Smartphone Notes:



In this category, for example, I include my Ikea list. Unfortunately, I do not have time to go there often, so every time I think something I could buy there, I write it down. When I finally get the chance to take a ride there, I’m sure I will not forget anything.

This is just an example, but I also have the Swiss list: whenever I go to Switzerland, I need to remember to buy delicacies (but also beauty and pharmaceutical products) that I find only there. Taaac, before crossing the border, here I consult my Swiss list.



One of the (many) problems of packaging is that it took to the last moment.

Compile a list during the previous days, but above all create a “permanent” one, very useful especially for serial travellers.

Of course, we do not take with us the same clothes on every trip, but so many things are always the same: underwear and pajamas; Computers and chargers; toothbrush and toothpaste; Stock exchange and physiological solution; … everything you need and that you usually forget!



Those who have children know very well what it means to move with them, even just for short trips. Perhaps a move is preferable: at least in that case you can call a company!

Something is always missing. Then, it becomes indispensable to hold a checklist to scroll quickly: diapers and wipes; Pacifier and disinfectant gel; Milk and snacks; Doll for babies; Spare clothes; Toys / distractions; Etc etc etc …




I know this is at the limit of psychopathy, but I notice every time a friend or dear person tells me, “what a nice thing,” “how much I like that,” “you know, I’m passionate about.”

Can you wonder how would be easy finding the right gift for Christmas or Birthday?

Stop remembering the wishes of each one! If we do not do it on our own, our list will got that covered!




I have this one written on paper, right in the bag pocket!

How many times did you get to the gym and forgot (at least) one thing?

Here is water and towel; Lock cabinet; Tops and sports bra, shorts, slippers and socks; Bathrobe and slippers; Intimate spare; Brush and clips; Bath foam, shampoo, conditioner, body cream; …



If we want to extend it, we can also create short, medium and long-term job-themed lists. Of course, we should already have them in mind, but sometimes it is also useful to put them in focus and throw them down on a piece of paper.

Also, in this category, we can put New Year’s resolutions (I always do them, and what about you?). At the end of the year it will be nice to check if we did all the tasks …


I thought I was crazy (okay, maybe a bit) but then I found out that Pinterest has a lot of “precompiled” lists, great as a cue: look a bit here!



Rossella Migliaccio

Image Consultant