Inauguration Day: report cards for the look of the protagonists

Inauguration Day: report cards for the look of the protagonists

With the inauguration day, the 45th US president took office in the White House.

Here’s the summary of the look of the protagonists of the day, starting from him:




The new president looks wasn’t great, starting with the beauty (yes, because even for men it is a fundamental part).

I’m talking about the HAIR cut and color, but also the excessive TANNING, inelegant for the occasion.

Regarding the outfit, the TIE stands out: way too long! But the choice of red was excellent, considered a power color; and also it is a tribute to his party’s color.

Last note: the JACKET. The president should have pay attention to this detail: the jacket should never be unbuttoned.



Instead the outgoing president was impeccable: maximum sobriety, the HAIR cutting and the cut of suit.

As per rule, the first button of the JACKET should always be buttoned, the second one never.

He picked the TIE colors of his own party too.



After several controversies on the stylists who refused to dress her, the First Lady has chosen a cashmere RALPH LAUREN suit.

The outfit is very beautiful and perfect for the ceremony. The body and the deportment
do the rest.

I would have changed only the SHOES: perhaps the heel so high is not suited to the new role. And then I would have avoided the matching dress and gloves.


Many have pointed out that the style, color and gloves recall (too much?) the JACQUELINE KENNEDY look for the Inauguration Day of 1961.


The outgoing First Lady, instead, has chosen a RED DRESS with a paired coat . The waist belt recalls the color of the shoes: boots before, pump after.

By the way, did you notice she CHANGED THE SHOES? Honestly, I would have avoided it, using only the shoes and not the boots.


Unlike their husbands, the First Ladies used the opposite COLORS of their parties: Red Republican for Michelle, Democratic blue for Melanie. Someone wanted to interpret it as a sign of peace and closeness.

As for the beauty, they both chose TIED HAIR: definitely a more formal look than the loose hair.



The girls, fierce supporters of dad in the election campaign, have chosen almost the SAME LOOK: white suit and loose hair. Perhaps too similar.

IVANKA, which is considered the true First Lady, has opted for an asymmetrical Oscar de la Renta suit. Very beautiful.

Instead she could have done more on the HAIR, by dying the regrowth and maybe making a low ponytail, to avoid the doll effect.



The participation of DEFEAT candidate was a nice gesture: smiling and in great shape, she still showed respect for the popular will.

Even Hillary Clinton chose WHITE, also color symbol of the suffragettes. As always, the total white is a choice of extreme refinement.

As the designer, she also did a patriotic choice, choosing the American RALPH LAUREN.


This is the look of the protagonists of the day: there all seem to be part of an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, don’t they?

Or one of those tv show from the 80s, like Dallas? Guess who is J.R.

From the White House this is all (for now).


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant