How to create an androgynous look

Come creare un look androgino cover copertina

How to create an androgynous look

In the last post we talked about the androgynous look, retracing the style of the great icons from the 20s to today.

This time I will give some advice to create an androgynous look in a contemporary way.



When we talk about the androgynous look we are not referring to the transvestism: it gets clothes from the male wardrobe, but without giving up femininity.

What it’s unique about this genre is its ambiguity, sometimes cheeky, sometimes barely visible.



The main item of the androgynous look is obviously the pants, followed by shirt and jacket.

You can find clothes with a masculine edge, but still designed for the female shape and body. To slim the leg, choose high-waisted pants.



What immediately distinguishes the androgynous look is the fabric: pinstripe, herringbone, Prince of Wales and all of those typically male.

They can easily be found, especially for work outfits. Of course, tailoring is a treat for few.



There is no doubt, the colors of the male wardrobe are: blue, gray, black. Perfect for those who have cool colors.

So what to do if you have warm colors? No worries, you can choose fall colors, to decline the androgynous look in a British dandy style.

When in doubt, take my foolproof test to find out if you have warm or cool colors.




A key accessory (as always, for that matter) is shoes. And in the androgynous look there’s not exception. A classic is the Church’s men’s stringata, black or with contrasting colors.

But if you’re stiletto addicted, don’t worry: this style is great even with heels.




To create an androgynous look, it’s nice to play with accessories and the typically masculine details.

The tie, suspenders, the clutch, the fedora are just a few examples to make the outfit ambiguous and mischievous.



Ok, it’s nice. But when to use an androgynous look? You’re probably wondering.

During the daytime it is perfect for the office: after all, it is nothing but a more aggressive interpretation of the classic suit with jacket and pants …

But also for the evening and special occasions, the androgynous look is an original and sophisticated choice .

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For the androgynous look seasonality counts. Certainly fall and winter offer a range of accessories most distinctive and decidedly a more masculine color palette.

But do not underestimate the beauty of an androgynous look in summer. Choose soft pants and light blouses to combine with loafers with tassels, in the most vivid colors.



Last but not least, the beauty. What hair and makeup are perfect for an androgynous look? The makeup will be light: at most a touch of red lipstick.

The hair will be updo or very short for a more aggressive style; conversely, loose and unkempt for a more sensual look.


To take a cue from the androgynous look of celebrities and find new ideas for men’s outfits, follow my wall Androgynous Style on Pinterest.

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant