Sex and The City: the style of the protagonists …

Sex and The City: the style of the protagonists …

Not everyone knows it, but since the 1990s a system has been created to recognize and define the main Fashion Personalities: in fact, each of us more or less consciously has a style of belonging.

These categories are a useful tool for cinema costume designers, who construct and characterize a character through clothing, accessories, colors and beauty choices.

Today I want to devote myself to analyzing the style of the mythical protagonists of Sex & The City and tell you about the main features of their looks:



STYLE: eclectic, fashionable, sometimes exaggerated: Carrie is the perfect example of Gritty Fashionista style.

GUARDAROBA: we are talking about women who are always looking for “something special”, they love experimenting with aggressive cuts and details and they are real shopaholics: not a day goes by, in fact, that they don’t take a stroll through shops (even online).

COLORS: they are not shy, so they are not afraid to dare even with color. Maybe they are big fans of black, but at least in accessories they play with particular colors and patterns: animal prints, prints, logos and so on and so forth!

BEAUTY: the women who belong to this style, are the most experimenters also in terms of beauty: cut and hair color, or even just a hairstyle, they are never the same. As for make-up, they play us like little girls, collecting lipsticks and nail polishes!



STYLE: bright and practical, Miranda has an Elegant Classic style, which says a lot about herself.

WARDROBE: Password: less is more. Miranda’s wardrobe is much more coherent and sophisticated: these are women who spend little and well, focusing on quality without being (always) seduced by the fashions of the moment.

COLORS: the choice of colors and combinations is very careful: it is not afraid to experiment even with more vivid colors, but tends to prefer a softer and deeper palette.

BEAUTY: haircuts can change over time, but always remain sophisticated and consistent with a clean and unobtrusive style. The same goes for makeup: these are women who prefer quality over quantity, even in their own beauty.



STYLE: romantic and traditionalist, Charlotte has a very feminine style in both lines and colors.

WARDROBE: in her wardrobe there are recurring cuts and details, which we can precisely associate with the Romantic Feminine style: ruffles, bows, ruches and polka dots … And then that predilection for handbags and dresses or skirts, compared to trousers.

COLORS: the color palette often features pastel colors. Following the Armocromia, Charlotte (romantic also the name), would be a Winter Cool, well appreciated by the cold colors in the various shades. It is an easily recognizable style, with a great passion for pink.

BEAUTY: even in this case, the beauty part manages to characterize a style more than any dress. Charlotte always wears her long and slightly wavy hair, typically feminine. Even the color is quite natural and never dares to hit the head!



STYLE: seductress, transgressive, libertine: Samantha has a style that we would call Feminine Seductive.

WARDROBE: even for work, Samantha’s look is always firm: there is always a neckline or a slit or a detail that highlights her femininity and seduction. Even the fabrics are often light and tight.

COLORS: the color range for these women’s wardrobe is absolutely gritty and flashy. A touch of red or black never fails and even the contrasts are always strong and decisive. Like them, after all!

BEAUTY: although there are so many more from the Seductive Feminine style, blondieness is an absolutely distinctive trait for this fashion personality. Beauty is not necessarily excessive or vulgar, but certainly alluring and always taken care of.


Have you noticed how many details combine to define and characterize the personal style?

And it’s certainly not just for the protagonists of Sex and The City and the Hollywood costume designers, but for all of us: every look, even the apparently most banal one, is saying something about the person who wears it.

And you, in which of the protagonists of Sex and The City do you recognize yourself? Are you more Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha?

Rossella Migliaccio
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