Once upon a time there was the swimsuit season

Once upon a time there was the swimsuit season

Summer is coming (slowly, judging from the weather forecast) and, the swimsuit season too.

While awaiting our turn, let’s discover the beach style of the great divas from the past.
In this gallery, I want to retrace also the evolution of aesthetics and the history of beachwear.

Let’s start with Marlene Dietrich, icon of the ambiguous and mysterious charm, who represents the glamour of the 30’s.

Then it’s the turn of Rita Hayworth, the sex bomb of the 40’s.

But the charm of women of the 40’s is well represented by Ava Gardner: femme fatale of the big screen and not only …

Long hair, curves and seduction: the aesthetic standards of the time are always the same. So I have to mention Veronica Lake, the actress who inspired the character of Jessica Rabbit…

The tartan outfit, typical pattern of the 40s, and rope wedges are noteworthy.  An incredible modern look.


After the femme fatale from the 40s, it’s the turn of the pin-ups from the 50s: curves and small waist. And who better than Marilyn Monroe can represent them?

But 50s are not only characterized by curvy hourglass bodies. These are also the years of a refined elegance, the one of Grace Kelly, who has inspired and continues to inspire generations of women.

And speaking of pure elegance, here are some pictures of Audrey Hepburn.
Her physicality is different from the one on vogue in the 50’s, but it was successful in the Hollywood scene.

Don’t be surprised: the icons of style don’t follow trends, they create them. le icone di stile sono tali proprio perché non seguono le mode, le creano. In fact, that thin and adolescent body found its moment of glory in the 60s.

Let’s conclude with another great diva from the 60s, Brigitte Bardot, who became the dream of entire generations and she is still remembered as one of the most beautiful women of the twentieth century. Impossible to resist.

Then, what do you think? Did you pass the test for the swimsuit season?
Fashion, style, and aesthetic canons are very different from today, but the feminine style is still the same.

I don’t know what you think, but I prefer the beauties of the past…

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant