At the beach with style

At the beach with style

Someone has already left, others are counting the days: in short, the holidays are right around the corner. Today I propose some outfit ideas to look elegant even at the beach.



It is definitely the most comfortable choice. And remember that comfort may go hand in hand with style. Choose a classic LESS DRESS or a LINEN SHIRT with a waist belt.



An alternative to the short dress is the romper: a small suit that combines top and shorts. I recommend it especially to the YOUNGEST, but also to those who want to emphasize the WAIST.


Wait, I know what you’re thinking: it’s so hot and I have to wear a long dress? Yes, believe me: there is nothing more PRACTICAL, COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH. This is the ideal choice for your outfit for the beach or the the pool.


Among the long dresses we can certainly mention the caftan. It has a more EXOTIC charm and it’s really FRESH. Choose an impalpable fabric: it will be like not wearing it.


Even for beach outfits, shoes are a crucial accessory. You can opt for the ESPADRILLE SANDALS or to the more classical FLIP FLOP.

If you need rubber shoes, I suggest you to get it in neutral colors: it will look more elegant (and less like slippers).



I love beach bags! Those  with STRAW OR ROPE are my favorite ones and you can choose between so many shapes and colors. Another great classic for the beach are the SAILOR STRIPES: you will never get tired.



Perfect for shelter from the sun during the hottest hours. But, let’s face it, any excuse is good to wear a hat: the ideal accessory TO COMPLETE WITH STYLE your outfit for the beach.


How to be elegant on the beach if your hair is out of control? Easy! Just get a turban or a headband, provided the FABRIC is beautiful: I love those from Sine Modus, manufactured with fabulous vintage fabrics.


It’s always weird to see some ladies who are dressed up with a lot of accessories at the beach. Please, when you go to the beach, leave jewelry at home. The only exception is JEWELRY in the colors and materials that recall the MARINE ATMOSPHERE.


To complete the beach outfit with style, do not forget BIG SUNGLASSES!

Get even a BEAUTIFUL CLUTCH, to use instead of the wallet or simply to keep everything you need in short trips.

Finally, the BEACH TOWEL. Choose it in fine cotton: it is light, not cluttered and dries fast. Then it’s much younger and modern than the old terry towels.


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Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant