Pantone Spring 2018: the guide to color trends

Pantone Spring 2018: the guide to color trends


Today let’s discover together the Pantone Spring 2018 colors: it is a very interesting palette!

Here is a complete guide to choose and match them according to the principles of color harmony:




The name derives from the yellow-breasted passerine, wich has a chirping as vivid as his yellow plumes.

It perfectly suits to women with warm and bright colors, like the redhead Emma Stone. Combine it with plum purple or lime green.




As the name, referring to the tasty tomato this color evokes flavors and colors of nature that awakens in spring.

This vivid and sunny color is ideal for women with warm, bright colors, such as Natalia Vodianova. Pair it with yellow gold jewelery.




This time we have a cold color: the delicate and luminous blue of the children‘s bedrooms.

Porcelain skin and ice blue eyes, like Bella Hadid: these are the characteristics which are exalted by this color. Superb with gray, childish with pink.




Do you know marinated chilli peppers? The intense and spicy color of the oil, which recalls their taste?

Perfect to enhace the beauty of brunette women with a warm and amber complexion. An example of all: the Cuban Eva Mendes.




This Spring 2018 Pantone well represents the lavender fields in bloom. Beautiful with sage green or every gray shades.

A delicate and dusty color that, by similitude, enhances the transparent complexion of women like Diane Kruger.




The name refers to the blossoming of dahlia: a flower with a full-bodied shape and marvelous colors.

This warm shade of pink can not miss in the palette of those who have the spring color palette. Ideal also for blush and lipstick.




Like every year, the bright green dominates Pantone spring summer proposals.

It’s perfect on women like the redhead Jessica Chastain, but  is also perfect for all women who have warm, bright colors. Match it with orange tones (even in make-up).




This intense and seductive shade is ideal for Snow White beauty types such as Dita Von Teese, with perfectly pale skin and dark hair.

Match it with silver tones. And do not forget to fiery red lipstick.




It refers to the historical brand of brandy, from which this spring Pantone 2018 takes its name and of course the color.

For garments and accessories, it is the mut-have color in the wardrobe of warm brunettes à la Julia Roberts. Ultra versatile and beautiful all year round.




It is the lightest and most impalpable version of mauve pink. It is very elegant, but not so easy to wear.

Essential requirements: light and delicate colors like Sienna Miller. Splendid in combination with pinkish brown.




Crocus is a typical spring flower with violet hues. Very nice with silver and emerald.

It is a precious ally for all the women with black hair and light eyes (especially if they are green). In the photo, the divine Eva Green.




This pungent, vitaminic shade perfectly evokes  lime juice.

It is a burst of energy on women with strong and deep colors. To make it even stronger, use it in contrast with darker colors.



To stay up to date on new trends (not just color), do not miss the New Trends course starting in January 2018.

Lecturer: Simona Melani from The Wardrobe.


We are waiting for you!


Rossella Migliaccio
Italian Image Institute