Why I don’t comment the look of Melania Trump

Why I don’t comment the look of Melania Trump

It’s done. Donald Trump won the election USA.
Many are already rushing to comment on the First Lady’s look, but I won’t do it.
And I’ll explain why:

  • Because no one ever expects my comment on their husbands’ look, but only on the wives. 
  • Because the comparison with Michelle Obama is not fair, premature and certainly not about the style.
  • Because behind a successful man (that you like it or not, Trump is one) there is always a great woman, regardless of her look.
  • For surely there is a team that takes care of the style of Trump family, but it’s not what made the difference
  • Because we are witnessing a historic event and the History doesn’t care how we are dressed.
  • Because Melania Trump is a beautiful and flashy woman and that is enough to have criticism and jokes, to which I don’t want to associate.
  • Because equality begins on the type of comments that we reserve the other women, and this is especially true for those who cheer for Hillary.

Let me be clear, I haven’t changed my job and I haven’t changed my mind about the importance of the image.

Probably there will be other occasions when I comment on the style of Melania Trump along with that of other people, but you’ll understand if this time I make an exception.

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant