Take the test and find out your Body Shape

Take the test and find out your Body Shape

It seems crazy, but a lot of women don’t know their Body Shape: they are hourglass and they think they are pear; they are apple and they think they are oval; and so on…

But first let me tell you this: when you talk about Body Shape, we talk about the shape, not the size. So weight variations shape us, but basically they don’t change proportions.

I know it seems complicated… But I swear it is not!


Today I show you a simple (infallible) test to finally find out your Body Shape:

Well? Good!

Some Body Shape have a bigger body part, where weight is usually accumulated: the Pear shape gains wight in the bottom part and lose weight in the upper part; the opposite foe the Apple shape.

There are other Body Shapes that are more homogeneous in the proportions and are distinguished by the waist: visibly marked in the Hourglass Shape; just mentioned in the Rectangle one; Absent in the Oval Shape.

Here is a precise description of the main Body Shapes:




It is characterized by a prosperous breasts and an important chest strap characterized by prosperous breasts and chest strain
Any pounds too much, they are located on abdomen, arms and upper back
The waist is not defined
Legs are thin and in shape
The pelvis is narrow and the butt is pronounced
In many cases, the size of the bra is bigger than panties


The upper part of the body is thinner, sometimes even bony
Breast is typically small: it is difficult to exceed a size 2
Any extra pounds focus on legs and butt
The pelvis is rounded, even in the thinner silhouettes
The waist is narrow and the abdomen tendentially flat
Often pants are a size bigger than knitwear and sweaters


Shoulders and pelvis are perfectly in line
They have rounded hips, but also a generous breasts
The waistline is definitely small and well marked
This feature applies to both skinny and curvy women
Because the waist gets smaller, it is difficult to find the right pants
It tends to lose or gain weight evenly



The weak point is the abdomen: the wasit is never defined
The weight is fairly homogeneous
Shoulders are soft and not squared
Arms are rounded
Tendency it is a soft silhouette
Top and bottom are fairly balanced


It is an androgynous figure with few curves
If it gains weight, it tends to distribute it evenly
Breast has usually a small size and narrow pelvin
The main feature is the undefined waistline
In some cases it is more bony, in others it is more muscular
It is a balanced figure between the upper part and the lower part of the body
Now, you should no longer have doubts about your Body Shape!
Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant