The extraordinary change of Victoria Beckham look

The extraordinary change of Victoria Beckham look

… continues from the style of Victoria Beckham and her beauty evolution 

In my last post I analyzed the change of Victoria Beckham’s look, focusing on her beauty evolution. But if this before-after made you upset, just wait to read part II..

I’ll analyze her metamorphosis, from her questionable outfit from the Early 2000s to the Victoria Beckham’s best looks nowadays. Ready?



Looking at old pictures of VB, it’s really hard to believe that girl would have become an icon of style and an award-winning designer. But it’s the truth!

Necklines and micro shorts give away to sophisticated clothes and business pants. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterly…


The style is important even regarding colors : the choice of colors that can enhance us and elegant matching clothes.
Well, her old outfits don’t show exactly this sophistication…

look di victoria beckham 17

However, Victoria Beckham’s new look teaches us that we don’t necessarily need to wear total to be elegant.

look di victoria beckham 26


But you know the devil is in the details! And what about the choice of accessories?
When Victoria Beckham’s look was closely linked to her image as a WAG (wife and girlfriend), her style was definitely more strong and aggressive.

If in the past she used to wear huge sunglasses or the aviator one, today VB prefers retro inspired sunglasses from the 50s.

look di victoria beckham 9

Idem for other accessories.

In the past, her uniform included big cowboy hats (with cowboy boots of course), extra large hoopla earrings, and a lot of accessories around the neck.

Today, accessories are few but good: classic and clean lines.

look di victoria beckham 15

But when it comes to jewelry, how can I not mention her collection of engagement rings?

In fact Victoria Beckham was spotted wearing with different solitaire rings: one bigger than the other. How about it?

look di victoria beckham 29


Style (or the lack of style) is also shown by the attitude, the posture and all those details that are part of the non verbal language.

stile di victoria beckham 16

I think her pictures speak very clear: the change of Victoria Beckham’s look is not just a matter of clothing…

stile di victoria beckham 27


This change of look was in line with the reinvention of her character, from being the wife of the most famous soccer player of England to luxury designer.

Inevitably, the change has involved the whole family: if before she was the one cheering him, now her husband follows all her fashion shows (front row, next to Anna Wintour)

stile di victoria beckham 20

If we go back looking at their wedding album, we can only imagine how far these two went.

look di victoria beckham 12

And today they are a different couple: more beautiful and way more elegant. They dictate style in any occasion: red carpets and Royal Wedding.

stile di victoria beckham 24

They are a chameleonic couple that was able to reinvent themselves and they’re still able to attract the attention of the world.

And they are already preparing their second generation…

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Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant