The universal beauty secrets

I segreti di bellezza universale beauty secret cover copertina

The universal beauty secrets

We are constantly bombarded by advertising that offers all kind of products and miracle cures. But beauty secrets are very simple and more affordable than you think.

Today I’ll talk about them and you’ll agree with me about this magic recipe. Here are the universal beauty secrets:



It’s more than lifting: sleeping is one of the most effective beauty secret.

We all knows that our face looks relaxed after a long sleep; and, conversely, it appears tired after a sleepless night. It’s not just a matter of dark circles, but the whole face and its features change.

Who sleeps 7 to 9 hours a night is less exposed to inflammation and stress, therefore you age more slowly.

Moreover, it’s easier to lose weight more easily and better. Because sleep promotes the loss of fat mass; while a tired body burns proportionally more muscle mass.

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Science is clear: the chemical formula of love has incredible effects on our bodies and on our psyche. The passion for a person triggers in us hormones, making us more beautiful.

For example, some of them have the same effect of chocolate and reduce the appetite and nervous hunger.
It works like a drug, exactly like amphetamines, but natural because it’s produced bt the brain itself.

A person in love is more beautiful: the skin is more radiant, the smile is more relaxes and eyes look bigger and brighter.

Love makes us more confident and causal (undoubted charm elements). And then, it stimulates behavior and habits favorable to our daily care and beauty. You know when you feel the need to make yourself beautiful for someone?

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A research from the Royal Hospital of Edinburgh, conducted on 3500 people aged between 21 and 101 years old, has shown that people with a regolar sex life (3 times a week) appear 10 years younger than their age. In the research, sexually active women showed shinier hair and toned and elastic skin than others.

But the effects of one of the most famous beauty secrets never end there: sex is a natural antidepressant, promotes sleep and relieves anxiety and pain (well, all those bad things that mark the face).

Also not to mention the benefits of the cardio activity.

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An old proverb says: love makes you beautiful, smile makes you young.

Well, qualche tempo fa I wrote a post on how to look younger, but laughter is indeed the most the most powerful ant-aging.

The smile relaxes facial features and makes us look less tired; also laughter reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation.

But also consider the social aspect of a beautiful smile: like nothing else, it favors a good first impression rand gives a young and positive look.

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They are universal beauty secrets because they’re valid at any latitude and any era.

They’re part of the human being: you can’t buy them. You just need to have the courage to be young.

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant