How to dress for Graduation

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How to dress for Graduation

This is Graduation season, and if the anxiety for the discussion wasn’t enough, you also wonder what to wear!

Note that the chosen dress will be the same as your first job interview, so the level of formality will be commensurate with the membership code of the Dress Code.

Here is how to dress for graduation, depending on the various faculties:



Like Law Faculty, the most traditional faculties require sober and formal outfits.

As for colors, you can also focus on contrasts, but don’t get too far from black, blue and gray.

A little black dress or a longuette with a shirt can also go well.

Technically they would be fine as well as unique pieces or matched with a short cardigan, but I would say that the jacket is a must!



Faculties a bit less rigid, like Political Science, allow a slightly less formal look.

Of course the outfits you see above are good, but this time we can play a bit with the color or with more modern lines.

Even in this case you can choose a skirt.

But the jacket is always welcome …



All faculties of Design, for example, have a less formal Dress Code.

Focus on colors and more creative outfits, but remember that total look has to remain neat and elegant.



Whatever the faculty is, remember NEVER to wear:

  • jeans or anything in denim
  • skirt too short over the knee
  • too deep necklines
  • dresses for ceremony
  • shoes with rubber sole
  • shoes with wedge or heel above 8/10 cm
  • sandals and open toe shoes
  • whatever you’d wear at a club


These prohibitions are of course also valid for guests attending the degree of friends and relatives.

Before buying the graduation outfit, ask yourself this question: Would I be dressed up like this for a job interview? If the answer is yes then that is the right one!
Meanwhile, good luck to everyone!

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant