How to promote yourself on Social Media?

How to promote yourself on Social Media?

Social Media has become the main hobby of people in recent years and the real challenge is to understand the right way to be choose.

So, how do you best use Socials to promote your work, how to be interesting to the eyes of your interlocutors, and not run into self-promotional (often counterproductive) messages?

I asked this question to Tommaso Sorchiotti, Creative Digital Manager and author of several bestsellers on Personal Branding and new media. Here are his tips for the main Socials:




It is the place where you can chat and be updates on the latest news: from national information to gossip among acquaintances.

YOU NEED IT IF: You want and ability to create a dialogue with your interlocutors, offering fun and / or interesting content.
WHAT TO POST: light news and updates, better supported by images, graphics and video content.
WHAT NOT TO POST: In-depth, long textual postings that require thinking too much; fake news and in general “what you would not show to your grandmother”.
WHEN TO POST: The morning when you just wake up, lunch breaks and in the evenings from 18 onwards are the time when most people connect.



It’s the country’s journal, the first to know and relaunch the latest news.

YOU NEED IT IF: You want to stay updated on all the news, follow and interact with VIP and influencer.
WHAT TO POST: Simple and fun updates on your business and your world.
WHAT NOT TO POST: news out of impulse and without defining the context, offenses and insults (it seems trivial but on Twitter it happens more frequently than expected).
WHEN TO POST: on Twitter the synthesis and timeliness win: the topics are relevant when they happen, two hours later it’s late.




It’s the most prestigious shopping gallery to watch to see the finest showcases in the country.

YOU NEED IT IF: you have something “nice” to tell throw pictures, you have a nice short stories to share.
WHAT TO POST: beautiful shots, better if original and with details. With the right hashtags.
WHAT NOT TO POST: ugly pictures, authentic but too confusing and messy environments.
WHEN TO POST: the time is not really important, but what matters is how to use the right hashtags, not more than 10 per post.



It is the job market, where you have to be serious and professional and meet other professionals.

YOU NEED IT IF: You want to introduce yourself professionally to colleagues and professionals.
WHAT TO POST: To get started you need a complete and appropriate profile for your role. Upgrades must be stimulating and appropriate to the world of work.
WHAT NOT TO POST: motivational phrases, self-promotion of your achievements.
WHEN TO POST: generally during lunch break and in the evening the audience is more active.



It’s the cutout album with the most beautiful images cropped out of newspapers and magazines.

YOU NEED IT IF: you spend a lot of time on Internet and you need to collect and share all the tips and suggestions.
WHAT TO POST: Pictures, infographics, color palettes, photos of items and details.
WHAT NOT TO POST: Various material inside the same board (the thematic folders), risking to disorient users.
WHEN TO POST: No rhythm to be respected, just do it with care.



It’s the guest room where guests are received: make it as welcoming as possible.

YOU NEED IT IF: You know how to write well and consistently, you have the ability and the will to talk to everyone, you want to create a space where you stand out for your point of view on what you are writing.
WHAT TO POST: Structured articles and with observation and thoughts, topics that stimulate conversations.
WHAT NOT TO POST: posts that have little personality, press, copies of other posts found on Internet.
WHEN TO POST: On a regular basis, at least 3/4 times a month.



Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant