Wedding hairstyles: how to choose the right one?

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Wedding hairstyles: how to choose the right one?

It’s wedding season and it’s time for beauty choices.

Today we will see how to choose between the different wedding hairstyles.




  • they make the look more elegant
  • they’re better for evening ceremonie and, in general, for those who are more formal
  • they have a more sober and clean style
  • they enhance neckline
  • they are perfect for more elaborated dresses
  • they are good for any veils 
  • bun first, bridal hairstyles with updo hair are an evergreen


  • they require a very harmonious face: updo hair are not for everyone
  • I don’t recommend it to mature brides because they make appear older

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  • they’re a good compromise between updos and hair completly down
  • they have a less formal style, but they’re good in the morning and evening too
  • if you have long hair, it gives you a more romantic look
  • you can wear almost every veil 
  • they are easily expressed in various styles, from the most classic to the boho chic


  • they need perfect full-bodied hair
  • they don’t look good on any types of dress: they can make the dress looking heavier 

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  • they are perfect for morning and less formal ceremonies
  • they have a more fresh look and they are perfect for bucolic settings
  • it’s a increasingly popular trend, especially in key boho chic
  • they are very feminine and romantic
  • they are better especially on younger brides


  • they do not adapt easily to all styles of wedding dress
  • for the evening they are good only if braids are rigid and clean
  • they need full-bodied hair, otherwise they look empty


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Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant