Women’s tuxedo. Password: sensuality

Women’s tuxedo. Password: sensuality

For New Year’s Eve, the password is sensuality.

I was just about to select sexy clothes and looks for the 31th of January: necklines, slits and transparencies… Then I came across an interesting article on Elisa Motterle’s blog and I had a sudden change of course.

Elisa, one of the top vintage expert in Italy and my colleague on Vintage Styling course, celebrates the anniversary of the birth of Marlene Dietrich, telling style secrets (and more) of the great German diva.

Thanks to Marlene, for example, we learned that a woman doesn’t need to undress to seduce. Indeed, she can be incredibly sexy even wearing a man’s suit.

Here then is my proposal for a sexy look that is also unique and sophisticated: the women’s tuxedo.

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