Find out your vintage style and your icon

Stile vintage e icona di riferimento cover copertina

Find out your vintage style and your icon

During the course of Vintage Styling we have fun with the game” if it was” (you remember?). Basically, we try to associate to each decade a celebrity nowadays, that would be perfect in that period.

Scroll the identikit of the woman, from the 20s to the 70s, and find out the style near you!



STYLE: she is a free, emancipated and unconventional woman.
BODY SHAPE: androgynous in the spirit and shapes, her silhouette is rectangle.
FACE: apart from the movies, eyes  don’t have a lot of make-up. While the lips have the typical heart shape.
HAIR: The hair is short and with a clean cut. Iconic is the black helmet haircut .
COLORS: she has cool colors, often characterized by the contrast light skin and dark hair.

YESTERDAY: Louise Brooks
TODAY: Winona Ryder


STYLE: she is a strong and strong-willed woman, but also feminine. Hollywood offers the “divine”.
BODY SHAPE: the silhouette remains slim, but still curved, especially on the hips.
FACE: The face shape is thin, inverted triangle. The eye make-up intensifies.
HAIR: The hair is still short, but wavy. The dive of this era have platinum and ethereal hair.
COLORS: still cool colors, whether it’s blondes or brunettes.

YESTERDAY: Marlene Dietricht
TODAY: Cate Blanchett


STYLE: she has a sensual femininity. With the war, there is the advent of the pin-ups!
BODY SHAPE: the woman of this period has shapely curves and an explosive body.
FACE: red lipstick is a huge trend! The focal point is the lips. quest’epoca vede il boom del rossetto rosso! Il focal point sono le labbra.
HAIR: The hair is long and wavy, with the side line.
COLORS: colors are warm too!  Movies offer red women and amber skin.

YESTERDAY: Rita Hayworth
TODAY: Eva Mendes


STYLE: The ideal woman is romantic and reassuring, almost to drop into the blonde goose cliché.
BODY SHAPE: hourglass shape, curvy with a wasp waist.
FACE: focus on eyes and lips, with the wing eyeliner and bright red lipstick.
HAIR: The hair is mid-length, with ultra-feminine curls and often platinum.
COLORS: the palette of the period prefers pastel colors, ideal for the most delicate colors.

YESTERDAY: Marilyn Monroe
TODAY: Scarlett Johansson


STYLE: It’s the era of bon-ton of Jackie, but also pop and rebellious youth counterculture.
BODY SHAPE: an unripe and slender beauty. The highlight is the legs.
FACE: make-up is all about the eyes, while the lips remain bare.
HAIR: it ranges from the bouffant of Brigitte Bardot to the very short haircut of  Twiggy.
COLORS: The colors are warm, accented with vibrant and brilliant colors.

YESTERDAY: Audrey Hepburn
TODAY: Natalie Portman


STYLE: It is the Me-Decade, the era of hedonism and unbridled fun.
BODY SHAPE: the figure is still slender, but more athletic and less skinny than before.
FACE: eye shadows to the entire eyelid, in colors difficult to replicate today.
HAIR: natural (or faux natural) hair, mostly long and wavy.
COLORS: the myth of tanning and warm tones consolidate.

TODAY: Kate Moss

What age would you like to be reborn at? What is the ideal woman closest to you?


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant