10 things you did not know about Meghan Markle

10 things you did not know about Meghan Markle


It is from few hours ago the news of the official engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

But who is the lucky one who managed to conquer the last bachelor of the British royal family?

Here are 10 curious things that maybe you did not know about Meghan Markle:




Meghan is 36 years old and is older than her boyfriend, who is 33 instead.

But on the other hand she is of such beauty, she quietly demonstrates 10 years less …




Before joining the royal court, Meghan was also a model (and we can see!).

She is 1.70 m high and weighs about 60 kg: slim and sporty, but with the right curves …




As seen from her magnificent complexion, Meghan Markle is a person of mixed-race.

Her mother is African-American, her father has Irish and Dutch descendants.




Her religion is not known: and indeed this could be a problem …

It is said to be of Jewish faith, but the news are(deliberately?) fragmented.




The future bride of Prince Harry has already been married (with Trevor Engelson, pictured).

How can we forget the story of Edward VIII, who renounced the throne of England for the divorced American Wallis Simpson?




Besides her experience as a model, Meghan Markle has worked in the cinema and in several TV series.

The one that made her famous is Suit, where she plays Rachel Zane.



The future bride used to have a personal blog, The Tig, where she talked about food, travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Too bad that since she started dating the prince, she had to close it: seems like Her Majesty the Queen did not liked it …




Some time ago she created a capsule collection for Reitmans, a Canadian clothing chain.

On the other hand, Meghan is a creative: as well as a designer she is also an excellent calligrapher.



Markle is involved in various charity initiatives, and is an activist for different causes.

She is also a fervent animalist and also a feminist. For this, we love here already so much!




Let’s say that she did not really have the requisites to marry the prince and that’s why some people turned up their nose.

Starting with Camilla Parker Bowles up to large sections of the population. Below a provocative murale s appeared in London:



These were the main curiosities about her, but surely Meghan Markle will continue to amaze us.

On the other hand, from one who managed to conquer Prince Harry we can only learn 😉

We just have to wait for the wedding, scheduled for next spring 2018



Rossella Migliaccio
Italian Image Institute