Shoes: trends on which to invest now

Modelli di scarpe di adesso

Shoes: trends on which to invest now


Ah, shoes: what a great passion!

It’s always a good time to buy a pair of shoes: here are the most beautiful styles to invest in now.

Or to aim for the next sales




Over the knee boots are trending now, choose them in suede or velvet for a warm, comfy look.

In addition to the super sexy stiletto, I find very interesting options with wide and medium-low heels: much more versatile and easy to wear.




More than a trend, they are an evergreen: we have already talked about the classic Dr Martens.

But this year there are so many brands that have re-proposed them. In every shape and material.




The sneakers mania shows no signs of diminishing.

On which to invest now? The white ones with the horizontal colored band.





Boots, ankle boots or décolleté: the model does not matter, what counts is the kitten heel!

Personally, I do not find them very comfortable: they seem more unstable than the high heel. But this is what fashion wants!




And speaking of heels, in addition to kitten heels, you can purchase also a more particular style of heels. They are found in all shapes!

Keep an eye on the next sales: it is a trend that will last for a while …




Pearls, pon pon, buckles and so on and so forth!

You can find any combination, but if you’re particularly creative, you can decorate and customize your old shoes




It’s always an appliques, but it’s such a strong trend that it deserves a separate paragraph.

Let’s talk about fur: on loafers, on sneakers and on countless other models!




Since last year it has been a crescendo: velvet is now everywhere!

With colored velvet, wear thick, gray tights. For the most audacious, it’s ok even without tights of course.




Then there are shoes and boots with the sock practically incorporated!

They are particularly snug and they fit better to the particularly thin legs, with small calfs.




And let’s talk about colors … Red is one of the most common in the latest collections.

It could be a purchase to wear immediately for the holidays, but even after it is not bad!




It is not this easy to wear it with cold and bad weather. It is also very delicate for footwear.

Yet we have talked several times about the allure of the total white in winter. Even more than in the summer!


And while we talk about winter trends, let’s move forward also for those of next spring 2018 …

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Rossella Migliaccio
Italian Image Institute