Pantone 2018: the complete guide

Pantone 2018 Ultra Violet cover

Pantone 2018: the complete guide


The Pantone color of the year 2018 has just been announced: Ultra Violet 18-3838.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute, it is a color with an artistic and spiritual soul, but also inspired by the new space and technological achievements.

The choice for the Pantone 2018 fell on this color not only for fashion or design, but also for a wider and optimistic reflection on the future that awaits us.

Let’s discover together all the secrets of this Pantone 2018, from the wardrobe to the beauty, passing through the furnishing …




The beauty of this color is that it is perfect for the male wardrobe as well as for the female one. In short, it is a b color and we like it a lot!

It is a blue-based color, hence with a cold undertone, which we had already met in the Pantone colors of spring 2018 list.

It suits a lot to people with clear eyes and dark hair. In particular, if they have porcelain skin.

Just like Dita Von Teese:




The most effective combination is certainly among complementary colors: the Ultra Violet is wonderful with Emerald green.

Try it especially with accessories: it is a way to create special combinations that go beyond the usual black


Another idea to combine the Pantone 2018 is with bright yellow: it can be lemon yellow or narcissus yellow, the important thing is that the yellow shade has to be very intense …


If you have warm colors, just like me, do not despair: you can choose a more aubergine purple shade to match with golden yellow.

Here I am with my combination:



And what about matching it with blue and turquoise? Ultra Violet comes out triumphant!

Of course, the result is a bit bold … But we like it for this!



Returning to the warm colors, I find the contrast between Ultra Violet and the orange, earthy colors simply wonderful:


One of the characteristics of this Pantone 2018 is the fact of being trans-seasonal. In short, it is beautiful to wear during both winter and summer.

And the combination with orange proves it perfectly, I would say …


Other simple and effective combinations are with the so-called analogous and monochromatic colors.




As already said, Ultra Violet is perfectly enhanced by green shades. And viceversa.

This also applies to makeup: if you have green eyes, use complementary colors. Purple, in this case.


But if you really want to hazard, you can even think about dye your hair in this wonderful color.

The essential requirements? Very white skin, clear eyes. Like Megan Fox:



Finally, here are some ideas to use this Pantone 2018 for your home.

If you have large, bright spaces, you can have fun. Otherwise, measure this color for a few touches, here and there.

As for the fabrics, velvet is ideal for this color, making Ultra Violet even more pleasant to see.


The new year is coming and it’s nice to start with a burst of energy and optimism: hooray for the Pantone 2018!

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Rossella Migliaccio
Italian Image Institute