Winter Sales: here is what to invest on now!

Saldi invernali cover copertina

Winter Sales: here is what to invest on now!

Winter sales starts in all Italy!

But be careful, because sales can be a risk or an opportunity

The risk to bring home something you don’t need, or the opportunity to fill the gaps in the wardrobe.

Here is a shopping list with the pieces on which to invest now:



A wardrobe worthy of respect (and that works) has a number of essential evergreen items: the iconic trench coat, the little black dress or the classic pashmina.

Being long-term investments, we should focus on the quality. And the winter sales are the right opportunity.



Who said that with winter sales you should only buy winter clothes?

The smartest choice is middle season clothes: technically the fall collection, but can be used until March and beyond.

Some examples? A light coat, the leather jacket or thin sweaters.



This is the time to revive the office wardrobe with strategic items, that will be definitely useful.

I’m talking about must have perfect at any time: the white shirt, the suit, classic trousers.

And do not forget the shoes: lace shoes and pump in the first place.


Some time ago I wrote a post on how to dress to stay at home: many of you liked it a lot, because it’s a topic about all of us.

Every time we want to find a suitable look (or at least decent) and this is the right time: Winter Sale!



By the way, how about starting right from the underwear drawer?

Begin the year by saying goodbye to graying bras, overblown panties and felted pajamas!

You can take advantage of discounts to stock panties or to invest in a nice bra (the ones with quality are not cheap).



The seasonal sales will be replaced by new collections. But in the case of sportswear, what does it change?

Unless you’re collectors or fans of the genre, perhaps you should take advantage now to redo your gym look.



The same thing is for the mountain outfit. Maybe you will not find everything at half price, but it’s a nice savings.

To create your mountain look or simply to get some ideas, check out my post Long Live the snow! Ideas for mountain outfits


Ikea or Rinascente (in Milan), my favorite hunting ground during the winter sales is the home department.

I take advantage of sales to buy design objects and furniture of all kinds: lamps, vases, picture frames, linens and kitchen facilities …


Well, now you have a lot of ideas for your shopping list.

Before starting the tour, however, I also suggest the post Sales! Advace for smart shopping.


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant